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After we get really good at it, we could come back to Dempski and look at his question again. Yes, Dempski seems to have interesting ideas, and his getting the boot from this trial by the defense shows that he's at least not an idiot out toeing the party line apparently he actually said ID ought not to be taught in HS biology classes Interesting ideas can come from non-scientists, if their statements can be tested. I don't think that he's right, but he's as much of a hack as some people make him out to be. At least, that's my impression.

I don't follow all of this fully.

Christ the Tao: Did Michael Behe Admit that Astrology is Science?

His arguments about the NFL theory 'disproving' evolution were ridiculous on he surface for this Computer Science graduate, however. Some lunatic granny on a school board wants to turkey baste the Holy Spirit into public school curriculum, and now ID is "winning the "court of popular opinion? That's nothing. Ketchup is a vegetable. Nothing else to add here, really, just couldn't believe how clear the bias seemed in this particular case.

Michael Behe, Evolution Denier.

That's just the Fermi Paradox all over again. Oddly enough, you could create a testable hypothesis out of this, though—are there messages in our "junk DNA"? There are biotech companies right now that encode their names into the genome of their product; if we analyzed the human genome or a mouse genome, could we find a maker's mark? Creationists aren't interested in pursuing this because the existence of the 'designer' is taken as a given and other facts are twisted to fix it.

But it could be an interesting experiment. Anyway, by 'Dempski' do you mean ' Dembski '? Yeah, he's a Discovery Institute flack and he's explicitly said that the goal of the ID movement is to discredit science and materialism. Dismantling materialism is a good thing. Not only does intelligent design rid us of this ideology, which suffocates the human spirit, but, in my personal experience, I've found that it opens the path for people to come to Christ. Indeed, once materialism is no longer an option, Christianity again becomes an option.

True, there are then also other options. But Christianity is more than able to hold its own once it is seen as a live option. The problem with materialism is that it rules out Christianity so completely that it is not even a live option. Thus, in its relation to Christianity, intelligent design should be viewed as a ground-clearing operation that gets rid of the intellectual rubbish that for generations has kept Christianity from receiving serious consideration.

bamagtepever.gq The more opinions I read about this, the more I get this feeling that the vocal anti-ID folks are turning this into a Darwin vs. God debate. Faith in Darwin or evolutionary theory is just as dangerous in the classroom as putting God in the textbooks. It is that methodology which says evolution is probably right and ID is probably wrong.

While unlikely, it is possible that a new piece of scientific evidence come along which disproves evolution and opens up an entirely new and previously unconsidered scientific theory. This is one of the things that keeps me solidly in the science camp: a willingness to return to ancient, once-disproven medical treatments when experimentation and novel application shows they actually work.

Yeah, let's not blame the ID people for inventing a bunch of obfuscatory terminology to hide the fact that they all coincidentally happen to want Christianity taught in the schools. Theories require evidence. There is no strong, verifiable or repeatable evidence whatsoever of intelligent design. I merely wish bevets was here to quote stuff at us. New topic: Should scientology be taught in Kansas schools?

October 20, 2005

Yes, that's a happy accident that merely occurs over and over and over again. The Flat Earthers hate Copernicus, but the less primitive strains of anti-scientism nonetheless are more a less a cultural continuation of the anti-Enlightenment tradition here described by Princeton historian Richard Wolin in "The Seduction of Unreason: The Intellectual Romance with Fascism from Nietzsche to Postmodernism" : "A new breed of anti-philosophe emerged to contest the epistemological and political heresies proposed by the Party of Reason--the apostles of Counter-Enlightenment.

Relying mainly on theological arguments, the anti-philosophes cautioned against the spirit of critical inquiry, intellectual hubris, and the misuse of reason. Instead, they emphasized the need to preserve order at all costs. They viewed altar and throne as the twin pillars of political stability. They believed that any challenge to their unquestioned primacy threatened to undermine the entire social edifice. They considered self-evident the view--one in effect shared by many of the philosophes themselves--that men and women were fundamentally incapable of self-governance.

Sin was the alpha and omega of the human condition. One needed both unquestioned authority and the threat of eternal damnation to prevent humanity from overreaching its inherently fallible nature. Unfettered employment of reason as recommended by the philosophes was an invitation to catastrophe. As one of the leading spokesmen of the Counter-Enlightenment, Antoine de Rivarol one of the major sources for Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France , remarked in , "From the day when the monarch consults his subjects, sovereignty is as though suspended.

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When people cease to esteem, they cease to obey. A general rule: peoples whom the king consults begin with vows and end with wills of their own. The social cataclysms of revolutionary France--mob violence, dechristianization, anarchy, civil war, terror, and political dictatorship--convinced the anti-philosophes of their uncanny clairvoyance. Hey, I like to have a bit of fun now and then. Ideed, Jonas Rushdoony - the intellectual father of the new Christian right the Dominionist strain - held Democracy to be a heresy.

ID was crafted to seem self-evidently "reasonable" and intended as a wedge to bring religious concepts into schools. Its proponents have said just that. And I am not talking about "lunatic grannies" : the Christian right has been methodically taking over school boards to change "Christianize" school curricula. I have an acquaintance, mother of 2, caught up in such a local political struggle right now.

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That would explain why I couldn't find the show with a google search. I usually don't care for court dramas but this is one I can't get enough of.

Genesis Conf 2019 - Michael Behe

This will almost certainly go all the way to the supreme court, and with Bush's new appointments who knows what the result will be? This isn't the first step on a slippery slope that can turn the US into a theocratic state, yet it can serve as a good indicator of what direction we're heading in. Without leading science and technology, will the US be able to maintain its economic and military position? Not in air, they don't.

Biotechnology is the future and quite honestly I see us winding up the laughingstock of the world. I have this nightmare scenario where the fundies and the anti-GM protesters band together, form the Green Christian party, and outlaw all research in genetics, embryology, and biotech as sins against both Mother Nature and the Heavenly Father. Astrology and evolutionism are both taught in the university. Why not Intelligent Design? Bevets, you had to link to a bunch of universities in India to find astrology taught as course work.

At this point, parodying you would be redundant. Not only that, Bevets, I followed your link, and established from its supporting arguments that astrology is taught at the University of Southampton. This is a very strong institution here in the UK, so I searched their web pages for the keyword "astrology", and found that it is indeed taught there - as a component of a history module dealing with magic. Joey Michaels: Sorry if that came across as snarky.

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