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You veer towards acting like a vain, idle flopsy incapable of making up your mind, procrastinating to the point of driving those around you to the very edge of their tolerance. A more depraved, ruthless creature would be hard to find. Your spirit animal is a scorpion — which says it all. Mind games, bullying and dominatrix behaviours are how you entertain yourself — preying on weaker, vulnerable individuals who have yet to feel your sting. A verbal, emotional and physical hooligan blundering and crashing around, causing uproar and offence — albeit never intended because you ARE a sweetie, really.

Zodiac Signs and Their Dates

You, Capricorn, have the willpower and success-envy to drive others into the ground if it gets you further up the pecking order. Mean, unforgiving, serious, boring. Aquarians live in their own world — an emotionally barren planet completely devoid of warmth and light, a place disconnected to the energy of living, breathing humans. Like robots, you traverse the world deconstructing and analysing those around you but failing to understand or engage with them.

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished here with permission. Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. The Sun May 6, pm.

Yes, YOU. But not every day can be full of smiles and kisses.

Star Sign Dates & Traits

The sunny side of life has a shadow realm, and this is where your Worst Self is found lurking. Share on Facebook. Healthy mind and boy keeps hero pilot alert. Where to transform your health while on holiday.


Couples will often use "incompatible" astro signs as a motivational tool to work through differences. This variance can help the couple evolve together through a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals and as partners, Walker says. Emily Shippee , the managing editor at Teen Vogue, met her current partner before knowing that her Aries sun sign was a great match for her Aquarian beau.

After dating for months, I gave them a couple's reading that helped them learn that they were ideal matches, based on their rising signs.

The Origin of the 12 Constellations

Shippee, especially, was in awe, finding that her partner fell into her seventh house of relationships a factor that an astrologist can calculate through your birth chart. Taking a deeper look within your astrology chart can help identify relationship triggers, problems, and compatibility. Looking at the affinity between sun signs only allows us to scratch the surface of the deep connection both parties share. Timing, nurture, and nature are also key factors. After all, two people could have the perfect matching sun signs and make great lovers, but they may not be ready to commit, just like two people with disparate signs might love one another enough to make it work, no matter what.

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Bottom line: Anyone can get along with anyone—no matter what sun sign you are. Relationships take dedication and devotion. Astrological compatibility can point out our romantic tendencies and desires, and we can all use our astrological charts as roadmaps to find our perfect match. For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

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astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars
astrology signs stars Astrology signs stars

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