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Star Sign Personalities in Love

To sum it up, Goodman may have spoken in generalities, but she wanted people to leave room for personal interpretation in her horoscopes.

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In her book, Goodman expands on her belief that all souls are on a journey of enlightenment and that they have lessons to learn about love as they pass through each of twelve zodiac signs. She referred to these as initiations. This is a very important component of the book, but it's far too detailed to fully explore in the confines of this article.

When combined, the twelve mysteries lead to the greater understanding that love has an eternal nature. It seems the one message Goodman wanted people to take with them from her book was to realize the enormous human potential for love. We have been warned, but few have heeded the warning. We have been called, but few have answered. For the Earth to wax again, clearly a miracle is needed.