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Taurus is not a carefree sign, but one deeply rooted in family and community. You could start to see your lover as too predictable, cautious and responsible — in short, a little boring and stuffy. Taurus, in turn, can see Sagittarius as optimistic to a fault, unreliable, too carefree, strangely willing to dump everything and fly off to a foreign locale at the drop of a hat — and perhaps just too blunt for your own good. Your old Sagittarius bugaboo — brutal honesty — could bite you here, Sagittarius. Taurus will want a commitment from you, sooner rather than later, and this is something that scares you to death.

The more you pull away, the more possessive your Taurus will become, which will drive you crazy, too. Just be mindful of the things that bring you closer. For example, the very stability you want can later become boring.

On the plus side, Taurus usually mate for life and rarely, if ever, stray. Taurus save money and will get you to use a sound investment plan, something Sagittarius may never get around to doing. No money? Then fax her a naughty love note if her machine is private or else FedEx her an overnight letter filled with pink and red rose petals—she will be thrilled by your creativity.

She is the most verbal of all the signs, and her strong intellect and rich imagination is your surest way to passionate love. She is one of the most spontaneous of all the signs. One more hint: she is very verbal, and therefore highly oral. Enough said? You lucky dude, you. But in case you think you can easily date this beauty, be forewarned that she is no pushover.

The Cancer woman is careful about who she gives her heart to, because once she commits, she gives her all.

The Sagittarius Woman: November 22- December 21

Your lunar lady is truly feminine, and lucky for you, of all the signs, Cancer is the most nurturing and protective of those close to her. Her ruler, the moon, rules the changing emotions—so she can be a moody person. This may make it hard to figure out how she feels about you in the early days of your relationship, because at times your stock will appear to rise and fall. If you marry her, this will not be a problem for she will be very loyal to you, and often put your interests ahead of hers.

Your lunar goddess takes responsibility seriously. If she is a single mother, her children will come first, and you may have to wait in line. Yet it is this side of her—her mothering instincts—that you probably find so appealing in her. Here is where you can lavish attention on her. She is a bit of a worrier, and will often second-guess herself about decisions she has made. Reassure her that her judgment is sound, and help her focus more on the future, less on the past. Cancer rules tradition, and this why she is so marvelous about creating a warm and loving family life—she knows she is building memories!

Instead, support her. If she seems down and suddenly you find yourself on the outs with her, talk gently with her to get back into her good graces. Harsh tactics would be the wrong approach to take with her. Her gentle feelings over-respond to criticism and in the heat of argument you could say something which could crush her irreparably. Cancers have excellent memories and she will remember everything you said, unfortunately whether you meant it or not. Offer to paint her living room or to give her a hand moving furniture around if she wants a new look.

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If she is divorced with kids, take everyone on an outing she will be thunderstruck that you are attentive of her children, and love you for the gesture. Later, help her locate a baby-sitter and take her to a small and cozy family-run restaurant where the food is delicious and the lights are low. Cancers are not comfortable in large, high-key, fancy places.

She wants to focus on you, not the surroundings. The Cancer woman will enjoy reminiscing, so think about recreating the first time you made love together, perhaps by going back to the same place or by celebrating the anniversary.

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When making love, the Cancer woman is fragile and feminine. Because she often puts others first, a little pampering would be a smart idea. Have chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert and feed her each by hand, one by one.

Fitness for Sagittarius - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Hide a love note or special card under her plate—Cancers are sentimental. Be especially careful about what you say to her during lovemaking, for anything she construes as negative could hurt her deeply—teasing is not for her. Give her an exquisite strand of pearls Cancer is a crab, a little sea creature like the pearl oyster or a skimpy, slinky, expensive nightgown in one of her moon colors—silver, creamy white or pale, smoky blue.

Paint them with thousands of kisses and caress them gently. A Leo woman is easy to spot. Her taste is superb and unfailing. Like chic French women France is ruled by Leo , a lioness would rather have one dazzling outfit than 20 cheap ones.

Why Sagittarius Men & Sagittarius Women Are Hard To Tie Down [The Sagittarius Personality]

She has a deep and abiding need for respect from others and will work hard to being noticed and remembered. Yet she is warm, spontaneous and creative too, and you are sure to have fun with this vivacious lioness. In a nutshell, your challenge will be to afford this jewel of a woman. She will be demanding, so be prepared to lavish lots of attention on her instead of being preoccupied with your spreadsheets or waxing your car.

If you are serious about her, bite the bullet and get some personal help. You will need to maximize your efficiency at home and the office to devote time to your lioness—at least until you win her heart. In all probability she will be handling you, not the other way around! Leo women have a way of being in control, even if they let you think that is not the case. When wed, she will do anything in her power to keep things lively and fun, and will build up an entire wardrobe of imported lingerie to keep her man interested. The Leo woman loves to have her lover run his fingers through her mane. This is one lady you are going to have to woo with gifts. She expects them, wants them, and enjoys them, so you might as well cave in and buy them for her. She looks stunning and regal in purple, so choose something in that color, whether it be a lace teddy, bra and panty set or drop-dead, killer nightie. She will also sparkle in gold—try getting her a classy knit sweater shot through with golden threads that shimmer in the evening light, then take her to a four star restaurant for dinner so she can wear it.

Surprise her with an overnight stay at a rustic hotel with ornate wooden architecture and antique furniture. Make sure to reserve a room with a roaring fireplace. Buy her tickets to the opera in New York or Rome orchestra seats, of course. If buying her a ring or other jewelry, know that she adores sapphires, the gem ruling her sign. Start saving now! So what if the American Express bill is gigantic?

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Yours will be a life fully enjoyed and a love like no other you could imagine. Your lioness likes to play games. So, try a serious game of strip poker. Or, if you know each other very well, do a variation on the movie Indecent Proposal. Remember when Demi Moore had to decide whether to take the cool million and bed Robert Redford or stay loyal to Woody Harrelson and give up their dream house? Near the end of the film there is a scene where she and Woody make love on a bed of hundred dollar or higher bills.

Leo women have fertile imaginations and a fabulous sense of drama.

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  5. The quality people notice first about your Virgo beloved is her alertness and unmistakable intelligence. Virgo women have lists of things to do, and sometimes you could wind up being one more item on her list. Your goal is to allow her to take time to relax and gently pull her away from her everyday cares. Nothing turns off a Virgo faster than dirt or mess. As good as it sounds, to have some lovely geisha cleaning up your pigsty, think about it.

    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man
    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man
    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man
    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man
    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man
    astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man Astrology zone sagittarius woman sagittarius man

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